The Most Terrible Experience of My Life: Moving Interstate

removalistsMoving is a nerve-wracking experience, no matter how many times you do it. But the first time is perhaps the most horrifying. I remember my first big move. I was moving to states over and was super-excited about it. Giving credence to the phrase “ignorance is bliss”, I went about my move with little to no planning. Instead of hiring professional removalists, I decided to do everything by myself in order to save some bucks. When I look back now, I cringe at how naïve I was. Needless to say, the entire move was a series of nightmares, that still haunt me after all these years. If I learnt anything from my disastrous experience, it is that moving will be as easy or as difficult as we make it out to be.

Years later, after that bad experience and with three other successful moves under my belt, I can now happily say that I’ve evolved into an organized, efficient planner. I can now plan and organize my move to ensure that it goes smoothly without a hitch. But before I let you in on my secrets, read on to know more about the most terrible experience of my life.

I decided move home by myself

I was moving two states over, to live on my own for the first time ever. I was used to sharing my space, renting an apartment with my friend. So I was excited about the move and couldn’t wait to start living on my own. Of course, money was tight and so I decided to make the move without spending much. My big idea was to save cash by doing everything myself. I scrounged up some old boxes to pack up my things. My only valuable possessions were my books. I had a collection of leather-bound books that I cherished. They were a family heirloom, passed on from generation to generation. So I took extra care with packing them, using a lot of tapes to secure the box and ensure the books were nice and safe. Once I was done with the packing, I called up my friend’s friend who owned a truck and made arrangements to borrow it. The plan was to drive myself and my things to my new apartment, unload and settle down, and hand over the truck to his friend in the new city, who will then get it back to him. This was a great idea in theory as: a) I will only have to spend money on fuel and b) I was saving so much money by not paying a moving company to do the move.

The truck broke on the way

So I set off on my journey, driving the truck and listening to some country music. But then disaster struck. The truck broke down; as I was driving on the highway, it started making funny noises. Just as I pulled over, it gave up, stopping completely. After cursing my luck, I called up the friend, only to have him say that he had just had the truck serviced and that nothing could possibly be wrong. So then I called up an emergency truck care service to come take a look at it. They determined that they will have to tow the vehicle (with all my things in it, mind you) to the service centre to have a look. So after two days and a small fortune spent on a truck that wasn’t even mine, I was back on the road.

Big heavy rain soaked my possessions

Of course, things couldn’t go well from there on. Oh no, the whole experience was like a scene from a bad comedy film, with one thing after the other going wrong. The next nightmare was the heavy rain that came out of nowhere. But as difficult as it was to drive in the rain, I figured that my things were safe from the rain as the truck seemed to have a solidly built storage compartment. But man, was I wrong! After endless cups of bad coffee and numerous toilet breaks, I finally arrived at my destination, worn out and walking like a zombie. As tired as I was, there was no way that I could unload the truck. So I went into the apartment, unrolled my sleeping bag and slept like the dead for the next ten hours.

I woke up the next morning, ready to tackle the unloading and unpacking chores. But when I opened the back of the truck, all my enthusiasm vanished as I stared in horror at all my soaked possessions! Water had seeped in, ruining my mattress, clothes, and other items. But the worst of all was my books! They were completely ruined, with the water wreaking havoc on the leather covers and the aged papers. I still can’t get over the loss of those wonderful books. It was such a devastating experience.

Hiring a moving company is a smart choice

So what did I learn from my terrible experience? Just that there are professionals there for a reason. Just like you won’t diagnose yourself, or like how you won’t argue your own case in court, you shouldn’t attempt to make the move yourself. Hiring a moving company would have saved me all that hassle. Sure, I would have had to spend some money, but I lost so much more in the process of trying to save money by doing it all myself. And looking back on it, I would rather that I’d spent money and saved my books than the other way around.

Years later, when I had to move again, I was prepared. The first thing that I did was call up moving companies to get a price quote. I had so many things to move and there was no way that I was going to attempt doing them myself. I had learnt my lesson and come out of it wiser. So I hired a moving company and the movers promptly and efficiently made the move, all the while making sure that none of my possessions were damaged. They even offered me some insight on how to pack fragile items to ensure that they don’t get damaged during transportation. If only I had done this the first time around! Alas, hindsight is 20/20.

Fundraising For Richmond , Victoria street festival.

mmexport1430715054284Perhaps last year September saw the biggest and modest fundraiser for Chinese new year and lunar festival to enhance the Victoria street in Richmond. The Yarra City arts website provided a lot of details around the festival and the honorary guests along with the former and the new mayor of yarra city were in attendance.

The fundraiser was a blast and may people attended including a fantastic celebration of the lunar festival.

Pictured on left Tran Siu with the Mayor of City of Yarra. Tran siu was the former deputy mayor of the Brimbank council and has been honoured numerous times by various societies in the western suburb.His contributions as recognized by the age has been outstanding to the society.

Decorating a Crummy Living Room

I could never have the time to arrange, let alone decorate my living room until one day my future in-laws were coming to visit! This has got to be the biggest reason why I need to shape up! I did what any modern girl would do; look for help online! I have stumbled upon great tips online on how to revive a crummy living room using only the simplest techniques. Here’s how I did it:

  1. First, I took a leave from work and decided that I would do my best to clean and decorate my living room that weekend. I had to commit to this task since my future literally depended on it!
  2. I asked the help of my best friend (someone that will never judge me no matter what!) to help me out. We both donned masks, gloves and aprons and each of us had a garbage bag in hand to remove all the trash and dirt. Remember, my home has not been cleaned for six months!
  3. We both went around the room picking garbage and throwing dirty clothes in a hamper. After an hour of moving about, my sofa was halfway clean and I could finally see my floor. The next step is to bring out the dusty vacuum cleaner I had in my closet and start vacuuming my floor. Lucky for me, my vac was a wet and dry vac that allowed me to clean my hardwood floors and my carpet with water and soap. I was also able to clean my sofa and armchairs. I also decided to get some comfortable seating.
  4. All the books and items that belonged to shelves were placed back and the shelves dusted. The vacuum was again used to remove dust along the walls and cabinets.
  5. All the curtains, linens and furniture covers were sent to the wash and then dried. Rags were vacuumed and cleaned with the wet and dry vac and by the time we were through, these all looked like new.
  6. All the knick knacks I had on my shelves were all dusted and shined. The shelves were vacuumed.

By the time the day ended, we were done with the cleaning. But will a clean room be able to impress my future in-laws? I think not! I should redecorate my living room and totally impress them!


Planning is very important in any type of redecorating project no matter how huge or how simple your project is. In my case, planning also help me find the best and the most cost-effective materials to use and thus I was able to save money through smart planning.

Always compare contractors to get the best value for you money and to find the most efficient help for your projects. I had to have my living room painted a new color and I need an experienced and reliable painter to do it. By comparing rates and services, you will be able to save money on contractors and get the job done in the most efficient way possible too.